Have you struggled to create a successful online business with WordPress?

Meet bizXpress.

More than just a plugin.

Instead of adding another feature to WordPress, the bizXpress plugin opens the door to the only all-in-one, optimized ebusiness-building system. If you have the will, try the bizXpress way.

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WordPress Gives You the Platform...
bizXpress gives you the method.

A site without an audience will fail, no matter how great the business idea may be. Our unique 4-step process has already guided tens of thousands of folks to online success. Folks just like you!

Specifically adapted for WordPress users, bizXpress delivers our proven combination of logical process, enterprise-level tools, best-of-breed resources and unparalleled support/community - all through the simple concept of "plugin as portal."

Even if you're just starting out, we'll teach you how to...


Create compelling content about an in-demand topic that you know and care about.


Attract large volumes of targeted traffic to your site, day after day.


Convert your visitors into trusting, willing-to-buy customers by over-delivering, not hard-selling.


Turn your warm, "willing-to-buy" customers into income using our recommended strategies.

Something To Talk About

"Although I love the flexibility of WordPress, you can't match the stellar website-building training provided by SiteSell. Put the two together and you get a solid business foundation."

Karen Ciancio - cookingnook.com

"I just have to say, I am very, very happy with bizXpress and am building a site again on the WordPress platform... You can't get better for my purposes."

Al Baker - essencedargan.com

All You Have To Do Is Plug In and Begin

We've packed everything you need to build your online business inside of one easy-to-install WordPress plugin. A step-by-step Action Guide (text, video, audio and mobile formats). A best-of-breed keyword brainstorming and niche research tool. Hundreds of business-focused resources. A dedicated, vibrant community of entrepreneurs like you. Top flight customer support. It's all in here...

The Action Guide

The bizXpress Action Guide is your roadmap to traffic and income. Conveniently divided into 10 action-oriented stages ("DAYs"), the Guide walks you through the crucial steps of web business-building like keyword brainstorming, niche research and domain name creation. It also extends into best practices for host selection, installation of the WordPress platform and our vetted recommended plugins.

Once you're over the technical, you can get into content creation, targeted traffic generation, and of course, the monetization of that constantly growing traffic base into diverse income streams.The Guide helps you stay on track and build a profitable business with equity.

Exclusive Tools

Even (or especially) if you've yet to come up with the "Million Dollar Idea" for your online business, no worries. bizXpress includes Brainstorm It!, the world's first smart brainstormer, niche-picker, and keyword researcher. Find potential Site Concepts for your business, even if you're only starting with a general idea.

Knowledge Base

Your business-building training and education don't stop with the bizXpress Action Guide. For no extra charge, you have access to a wide range of up-to-date, supplementary information to deepen your understanding and fine-tune your business strategies.

We monitor what's happening on the Internet and bring all important relevant developments directly to you via 3 Headquarters (Tips and Techniques HQ, Monetizaton HQ and Resources HQ).

That saves you time to focus on your business!

You'll find that this alone is worth the price of bizXpress.

Unmatched Guidance

You are never alone as you build your business. You are part of a vibrant, success-focused community who meet to share advice, ask questions, give answers, explain strategies, etc. Our "help and be helped" bizXpress forums are chock full of generous-minded mentors who "pay it forward" and help you meet your goals.

The bizXpress Action Guide

Your roadmap to traffic and income.

Your first steps are crucial. They're the foundation of your business and the platform on which all of your future efforts will rest. No step in building a business is more important.

That's why the first 5 "DAYs" set you on the right path...

  • Choose the best-fit building approach, a niche-based content site vs. a blog.

  • Understand the difference between PREselling and Selling.

  • Brainstorm and analyze keywords to identify a profitable niche based on something you know and love.

  • Set up a Content Blueprint.

  • Develop a diversified Monetization Plan, with a mix of passive and active income streams.

  • Create a memorable domain name with branding power.

The other 5 "DAYs" keep you moving forward...

  • Create a site that gets the click.

  • Attract free targeted traffic from a variety of sources (ex., search engines, social and mobile).

  • Develop trust-based relationships with your visitors and improve conversion rates.

  • Monitor and track your traffic-generating efforts.

  • Implement, test and fine-tune your monetization plan.

  • The bizXpress Action Guide is available in text, video and audio formats, and can been read easily on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

  • The Action Guide connects to our massive knowledge base of articles and tutorials, known as "HQs" or "Headquarters."

    This library is constantly updated to keep you up to date while we focus on your success.

  • Everything you need to know to build your successful online business is explained in the Action Guide. Your site, traffic and income grow into a significant web enterprise as you work through the steps.

Follow the guidance within the bizXpress Action Guide and the HQs to confidently grow your business idea into a thriving web enterprise.

Plus, the Action Guide sorts out all the tricky technical stuff that bogs down most WordPress users. Things like plugin conflicts, website security and WordPress workflow are covered in full.

You can do it, step by step.

Brainstorm It!

Brainstorm and cherry-pick highly profitable topics.
Isolate and dominate keyword phrases.

Finding the Sweet Spot

Choosing the best site and page topics is the first step to creating free, organic traffic. It's also the most important.

Picking wrong can waste valuable content-generation time on phrases that are too competitive, or don't have enough demand.

Brainstorm It!'s database scans, chooses and evaluates keyword options according to your searches. Our multi-level profitability index tells you the traffic and income potential of each keyword phrase.

Advanced Brainstorming

Even if you don't have a concept for your new site, Brainstorm It!'s advanced research tools will take you through the selection process to find the most profitable path to success.

From that single word or phrase, find the best launch pad for your business from among hundreds of possible results. Each word relates to your original word yet represents entire niches - niches YOU can dominate once you narrow your site focus...

Then search inside your chosen site concept and find profitable content keywords with laser focus. Brainstorm It! finds words and phrases that will let you dominate search results and attract customers from all corners of the web.

Save Time. Save Money. Save Sanity.

It's easy to get lost when millions of sites go "live" every month. However, the pool of underperforming sites grows exponentially because these sites are missing the key element...

You have to have a plan.

You can't be successful without one. And patching together bits of forum posts, articles and e-books simply isn't going to get you there.

Your site also needs to stand apart in order to attract traffic and income. We'll show you how to emerge from the static of millions of other websites and shine through successfully.

Yes, the web is competitive. But that's for millions of folks who want to "wing it." With bizXpress, there simply is no guesswork.

Your roadmap is laid out for you, step by step in logical sequence. You get the right info exactly when you need it.

  • The marketplace for premium WordPress plugins, themes and add-ons is huge. We've evaluated the WordPress resources landscape and have chosen only the best. No need to worry about plugins that conflict and break, which is compatible with which, etc. We take the nightmare out of keeping your WordPress site running smoothly.

    Folks told us about the learning hoops they encountered when setting up WordPress. It's not enough to just get up to speed with WordPress. Building a business on it is another matter entirely. You need a plan.

    Factor in the time-and-dollar cost to figure out the perfect combination of method, tools, and personal guidance and you'll realize quickly that it's harder to do than actually building your business!

With bizXpress, WordPress Is (Finally) Complete

Everything you need to build your online business is inside, saving you tons of time and money.

The Action Guide

The roadmap. 13 years of online business-building knowledge distilled into one definitive course in web biz success.

Brainstorm It!

The completely unique, best-of-breed keyword research and discovery tool.

Knowledge Base

Your "base" for hundreds of need-to-know articles covering a variety of business-building topics.


Experts and fellow builders converge in the bizXpress forums, a vibrant and supportive community.

13 Years of Online Business-Building Knowledge

Without a method, most folks spin their wheels, switching from one unverified method to another, wasting money and the most precious resource of all... time! We've spent 13 years perfecting the science (and art) of building online businesses from the ground up.

Stop switching and start building.
Create the web business you've only dreamed of in minutes. Start now.

bizXpress PRO
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Everything you need to plug in and begin...
  • The bizXpress Action Guide
  • Exclusive Tools
  • Extensive Built-In Knowledge Base
  • Unmatched Guidance
bizXpress LITE
Our limited bizXpress service including...

One last note...

If you've come to purchase bizXpress, ignore this. If you're not sure, no need to overthink. bizXpress is everything we promise. We're confident that it will make THE difference for you and your site.

But you don't have to take our word for it. Get started for free. No credit card, no long forms. Just set up an account and in no time you'll see what we mean.

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